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Complete Staffing Module

Yes, Elecate includes a powerful staffing module that is very comparable to rival products. Save yourself time and clicks!

Save Time Making Money

Kickstart your event planning with a straightforward approach by inputting your sales details into our system. This step equips your team with a clear view of the projected staffing expenses and the charges to be billed for each event.

  • General HR Database
  • Sales Request for Proposals
  • Event Staff Scheduling & Conflict Checking
  • Payroll & Payroll Exporting
  • Mobile Scheduling, Check-in, and Event Captains
HR Schedule
Our scheduling interface is like a control center for your event’s behind-the-scenes action. It's where your HR team gets down to business, matching the right staff with the right roles. Once the lineup is set, disseminating schedules is a breeze—whether it’s printouts for the bulletin board, emails for personal inboxes, or online access for those on the go. And with our streamlined reporting, supervisors have a bird's-eye view to efficiently manage arrivals and delegate tasks on the ground.
Mobile Staffing/Scheduling
Leverage our mobile app to make your event communications as mobile as your team. Send out staff emails and assignment updates with a simple tap, keeping everyone in sync, no matter where they are.
Mobile Staff Check-in
With the Elecate™ mobile check-in and payroll system, your Party Supervisor has a digital roll call at their fingertips. They can effortlessly monitor staff arrivals and departures, ensuring that everyone is accounted for, in real-time.
When the event wraps up, our system simplifies payroll by tracking the actual hours worked. This translates into precise payroll figures, providing your sales team with the solid data they need to assess the event's financial outcome and plan more effectively for the future. With Elecate™, the end of an event is the start of your next opportunity for profit and excellence.