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Let Elecate be your maestro
Check-ins & Check-outs

Choreograph Seamless Event Logistics

We understand the intricate dance of event planning and execution. We're here to ensure that every delicate step—from deliveries to pickups—is performed with grace and precision, tailored to the unique tempo of your event's schedule.

With Elecate™, you have the power to orchestrate the myriad timings of your event, from capturing key moments of sales commitment to synchronizing the rhythm of your drivers' schedules. These crucial timings are harmoniously integrated with our 'Dispatching' and 'Inventory' systems, ensuring a performance that's nothing short of seamless.

Imagine the ease of having these essential details elegantly etched onto contracts, packing lists, and master event delivery reports. Elecate™ curates the information you need, filtering schedules and orders with finesse. And for those who have mastered the regular routes, let Elecate™ take the lead, automatically aligning them to your recurring dance.


  • Our dispatching and truck routing features move in step with the production area, like partners in a dance, coordinating multiple deliveries efficiently.
  • Safety checks are our routine rehearsal—there is a guarantee that no step is missed and every delivery and pickup time is accounted for.
  • Reports can be tailored by driver or truck number, ensuring your team moves in unison and optimizing your labor management.


  • With Elecate™, tracking becomes an art form. Monitor your fleet from your desktop and keep the management window updated, so sales and operations are in constant harmony throughout the delivery performance.
  • Drivers' movements—their departure, on-site presence, and delivery completion—are all logged, providing a comprehensive view of the event's choreography.
  • The 'Airport' style window in your dispatching office displays this ballet of logistics in real-time, keeping everyone in tune.
Delivery App

Power in the Palm

Your delivery driver gets real-time access to deliveries, pickups, and changes to existing orders using the delivery that's fully integrated into the dispatching module. This provides your driver, dispatchers and your customer with immediate information via email or SMS (text message) with delivery status. The app utilizes the GPS and camera providing efficient routing and proof of delivery with a signature window linked to the order.

Mobile Apps

  • The tempo of client needs may vary, but our mobile apps ensure your schedule's flexibility. Adjust deliveries and pickups on-the-fly, no need for the old dance of tracking down drivers.
  • Drivers can gracefully communicate their status—En-route, On-Site, Completion—with simple taps on their smartphone, documenting the event's progress with photos, notes, and updates.
  • Back at the dispatch office, this symphony of updates streams in real-time, enabling quick, informed decisions without missing a beat.
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Ensure every action is flawless, profits are healthy, and your team collaborates in perfect harmony.