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Powerful and Precise

You're at the helm of your event planning empire, and the finesse of your financials is just as crucial as the sparkle of your soirees. With Elecate™, our accounting hub is your command center, offering tabs that cater to your every whim—be it Invoicing, Statements, or Exporting.
From easy export/import to a more robust integration, we're ready.
Receive credit cards and ACH, track payments and boost the A/R cycle.
Countless options for summaries, roll-ups, and much more.

What data do you want to see first each day? Get right to the details.

Sculpting your fiscal framework


Craft batch invoices with an artisan's touch, or curate them by salesperson, client, or event type for that personal twist. Pair this with our online credit Card Processing, and watch your accounts receivable transform from mundane to magnificent, enhancing your cash flow as smoothly as a well-planned event unfolds.

Exporting? A breeze. Integrate seamlessly with your chosen accounting software, turning what was once a laborious task into a delightful time-saver, safeguarding the precision of your financials. Plus, with our accounting locks, your data's integrity is as secure as the most exclusive guest list.
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Customize your financial management

Accounting Exports

In the tapestry of accounting and payroll software, diversity reigns. Whether you seek comprehensive coverage or specialized depth, the key is in selecting a solution that resonates with the unique rhythm of your business.

Confer with your CPA, choosing a software that's as comfortable for them as a well-tailored suit. Whether it's an economical choice or an investment in expansive modules, remember, like any fine tool, it's worth the preparation.

For many, QuickBooks® is the go-to, and with Elecate™, exporting becomes effortless. And for those grander ventures, we dance seamlessly with Great Plains Dynamics among others, ensuring your financials are as grand as your galas.
Everything you want to see

Countless Reports

Imagine the ability to create invoices that are not just documents but statements of your business's attention to detail. With Elecate™, your reporting is an art gallery of options—18, to be precise—each one a stroke of genius that turns hours into moments.

Drag, drop, and design reports with the ease of a master painter, with drill-down reports that bring insight as clearly as a spotlight on a stage. And yes, Excel is still on the guest list, ready to showcase your data in all its glory.

Customer and A/R in sync

Payment Processing

Elevate your accounts receivable cycle to an art form with credit card acceptance and automated approvals via a secure online interface—accessible not just to the individual but to your entire team.

Elecate™ partners with two payment processing virtuosos, ETS and FirstData, to bring you a seamless, secure credit card system, integrated into Synergy's global suite. Embrace efficiency with tokenized technology, ensuring your data's safety is paramount, with transaction fees crafted by your negotiations.

Data by design

Financial Dashboards

Envision a dashboard that reflects the control and foresight of a master event planner. Colors, charts, and graphs display the vital signs of your operation, inviting you to make decisions with the clarity and confidence of a seasoned maestro.

With Elecate™, your business narrative unfolds in real-time, allowing for decisions as timely as they are informed, with a level of detail that's yours to command.

Detail all the way

Payment Tracking

Consolidate your financial story on one form, where every payment detail is captured precisely and carefully. Record, track, and stamp with the certainty that every number tells part of your event's success story.

Invoice and statement generation is now as effortless as choosing the perfect centerpiece. Send them with the click of a button, or let them leave your office adorned with a stamp, ready to delight your customers.

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It's Time to Raise Your Expectations

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