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Fully Integrated CRM

Finally, the power of a stand-alone CRM product but completely integrated into your software—one entry, seamless data.

Browser and Mobile as ONE

Not only does all of your data flow from the CRM to each and every proposal but the mobile app also provides live data at your fingertips with user-based controls. No need to use other applications to copy/paste information or to text or to email.

Everything starts with sales

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a pivotal strategy for effectively managing your company's interactions with customers and potential sales leads. While many top-tier programs excel in areas like production, staffing, and physical inventory management, they often overlook the crucial aspect of managing customer relationships. Empower™ is designed to fill this gap, embedding CRM throughout its system.

From the moment you first connect with a potential client to sending out a thank you note after a business interaction, Empower™ enhances your organization's engagement with customers at every step. This platform seamlessly integrates various business processes, including sales activities, marketing strategies, and customer service operations.

Empower™ ensures that your sales and customer service teams are always in the loop about current sales opportunities and client interactions. Thanks to our partnership with Constant Contact®, Empower™ enables you to export tailored information to all or a select group of your prospects and customers, ensuring targeted and effective communication.

This adaptable, swift, and consistent approach to quality monitoring not only bolsters your sales and marketing efforts but also drives overall improvements in your firm. Effective CRM is key not just for maintaining existing customer relationships, but also for exploring new markets, analyzing the success of past campaigns, and identifying new sales opportunities. Empower™ is your tool for achieving these goals, ensuring that every aspect of customer interaction is not just managed, but mastered.

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