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Please browse our frequently asked questions below to see if yours is common for the quickest response. However, if you don't see what you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach out, and we will respond as timely as possible—typically within 24 business hours.

My company is based in several locations. Can you help my firm? Elecate™ is based on Microsoft SQL Server™ which is extremely fast and scalable! We can accommodate any number of users in nea any geographic area.
Can Elecate™ grow with us? Yes. Elecate™ is a fully scalable internet browser-based software with a tremendous security profile, so you simply just add new users when needed!
How do I get started? Elecate™ prides itself on being the best partner for your business. So we take a little time upfront to fully understand how your business works, where we can save you time, money and resources, then we create a plan to safely transition from your current process to our complete end-to-end software. This can take from 30 days to 90 days, typically.
Moving to a new system seems daunting! Do you help move our data? Absolutely! We offer many different levels of data migration, from simple to full white-glove service. We do our best to include all historical data available so that you can even use Elecate to review previous events and finally discover your true ROI and be able to track your business growth.
What are your annual license and support fees? Our general pricing is available here. However, we need more specific information about your business to build a complete package. Our general support is included with each license; you can upgrade to many different training support levels and even talk to us about your marketing!
How do I get support? You're in luck! Elecate™ has invested in expanding our training and support team. We handle each ticket through our easily accessible system as efficiently as possible. We also have a support line that is open weekly, Monday through Friday from 8am CT - 5pm CT. Learn more about support here.
Can you customize our proposals and reports? Absolutely, yes! We know that great branding wins deals! One of our client's favorite features is customizing their proposals using the built-in library and template system. But to be clear, we start with your brand and create a proposal that matches OR, we have a design team that can even create your brand from scratch and then your proposal! We go the extra mile to help you win more business!
Will you come to my office to train? Yes. We can come to you, train over the internet, or you can come to us. Our understanding of your business is critical to give you the best ROI in your investment. Our team started in your industry and even has clients as business partners. We know the complexities of your day-to-day are sometimes too hard to translate across a web meeting.
My business is unique. How can you accommodate those needs? Our breadth of experience in different markets has taught us a great amount about how businesses operate. On occasion, we do find the need to add features to make your unique items part of our product so Elecate™ works as you do.
What kinds of organizations can use Elecate? Any organization that is involved in catering, food service management, equipment rental, tent rental, stage and lights, facilities management, stadium suite management, university food service, specialty rentals, décor, staffing, and many more!
My business has been using Mac computers forever. Will Elecate™ on a Mac? Elecate™ will work on any computer that has a high-speed internet connection. Even your mobile device. Simple!
I have a small company. Will it work for me? Some of the largest and best-known caterers and rental companies use our products, but they will also perform wonderfully for any size operation. We have customers who utilize Elecate with just a couple of users. One of the most arduous things to accomplish is establishing proper best practices in a small firm, and we help make that possible.
In general, how will Elecate™ help our business? Most businesses have a notable amount of redundant paperwork and tedious functions such as inventories. Plus, frequently, the biggest issue is a lack of communication between staff members. Elecate™ is exceptional at bridging these issues with many functions and reports that significantly reduce paper, math by humans, proposal, and invoicing activities while keeping staff members informed! The simple answer is that it will recapture some free time for you to do more of what you enjoy.

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